Po-Cheng Tsai

Artistic Director


Thirty-three-year old Taiwanese choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai graduated from Taipei National University of Arts in 2009.
Following his education, Po-Cheng founded B.DANCE and established his unique choreographic language and aesthetic. By combining traditional Asian movements and martial arts with contemporary dance, B.DANCE offers theatrical, physical, and emotional performances that are approachable and inspiring for diverse audiences.
Since it’s establishment, B. DANCE has presented performances nationally and internationally. Po-Cheng has been awarded first prize for choreography by numerous international choreography competitions. Furthermore, he has also created performances for a variety of recognized international dance companies, such as Introdans, Tanz Luzerner Theatre, Gauthier Dance, Cloud Gate 2, and Bern Tanzcomgnie. Tsai was awarded Upcoming Choreographer of the Year in 2018 by the German magazine Tanz. The choreographer also received the prize for choreographic revelation at the 57th French Palmarès du Prix du Syndicat professionnel de la critique Théâtre, Musique et Danse in 2020.