— 2023 B.OOM —

B.OOM by B.DANCE Gala aims to introduce a new way of thinking about dance, promoting proactive collaboration networks, and (re)making dance art a universal language. 

This micro-dance festival invites award-winning young choreographers from Europe to Taiwan, allowing the local audience to experience the rich diversity of the world of dance and discover its unique charm. The festival will also host a master workshop, facilitating exchanges between professional dancers and artists from around the world, to broaden and cultivate each other’s knowledge, international vision and professional skills.

The program is full of surprises and diversity, featuring critically-acclaimed works such as:
- “Divergence,” created by B.DANCE's own Chien-Chih CHANG, which won the gold medal at the Masdanza International Choreography Competition in Spain, and showcases CHANG's choreographic talent;
- “Family Honour,” by British choreographer Kwame Asafo-Adjei [Spoken Movement], which addresses the issue of father-daughter relationships, won the gold medal at the 2019 Rotterdam International Choreography Competition, and has been praised by The Guardian newspaper for its excellent melding of theatrical staging and hip-hop;
- “Subdued,” by former Peeping Tom dancer Brandon Lagaert of Belgium, which won the Outstanding Performer Award at the 2019 Copenhagen International Choreography Competition;
- “Fifty-one/Forty-nine,” by Dutch choreographers Emma Evelein and Remy Tilburg, a fascinating piece that won the gold medal in the 2021 Rotterdam International Choreography Competition and the NDT Partnering Award from Nederlands Dans Theater;
- “For Old Times Sake,” by emerging British choreographer Phoebe Jewitt, which won the Judging Award at the 2021 Copenhagen International Choreography Competition;
- “After A Hunch,” an exquisite piece by Italian choreographer Dario Dinuzzi featuring internationally-renowned dancers Mathilde Gilhet and Olivia Blanch, completes the Gala bill. 

Six different artistic experiences, together on stage, to unleash the passion for dance during our hot Taipei summer.

LOCATION : Wellspring Theater, Taiwan(10F, No. 92, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan.)

DURATION : 62 mins without Intermission


1, July, 2023, 19:30、2, July, 2023, 14:30

— Artists —

— Artist Info —

Concept of work

Duration : 13 mins

Choreography : Chien-Chih Chang

Performance : Yu-Hung Wang、Siang-Fu Zeng

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Concept of work

Family Honour examines the eponymous concept through the eyes of a young girl trapped
in moral codes mandated by her immediate environment, confronting her past ‘sin’
against tradition. Abandoned by her father, she seeks solace from memories resembling
her father. Inspired by an intense discussion held in Kwame’s own family, the performance
draws the audience into a world where hip hop isn’t just rubbing shoulders with theatre,
but is theatre. How far would you have to go to maintain the family’s honor, and is it truly
honorable or just another traditional taboo.

Duration : 15 mins

Choreography : Kwame Asafo-Adjei

Performance : Catrina Nisbett、Stefano A. Addae

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Concept of work

Subdued is about a man, or rather his body, who has the biggest struggles with the smallest of tasks. The surrounding objects subdue him and play with his mind which forces his body to express these excess feelings.

He has troubles understanding what his body is doing and the more he tries to control it, the less he has an impact on it. This also translates towards the audience, who witnesses a transformative body which takes on unnatural shapes.

Something as trivial as opening a bottle of water can be taunting when your body doesn't do what your mind commands it.

Some may talk in silence. Others move in stillness.

My body moves and uses words my mouth has never learned,
to say things that my mind can't comprehend.

I might be subdued, but not my body.

Duration : 14 mins

Choreography : Brandon Lagaert

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Concept of work

Have you investigated that human's personality were programmed, by nature or nurture or programmed by AI system?

Duration : 10 mins

Choreography : Po-Cheng Tsai

Performance : Chiung-Tai Huang

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Concept of work

‘Bitter, like old gas, skittered guidance transmits, material documentation, defiance, refusal to admit, compliance, no answer.’

Duration : 10 mins

Choreography : Phoebe Jewitt

Performance : Jorge Garcia Perez、Mathew Stephen Prichard

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Concept of work

Intrigued by the word ‘hunch’, which in english defines both an idea that is based on feeling for which there is no proof, and a large lump on a person's back, the choreographer imagines and composes this poem following his own hunches.

The script is the starting point and the main source of inspiration from which the movement, dynamics and aesthetics of the duet arise.

The two performers Mathilde Gilhet and Olivia Blanch are called to represent their own hunches and those of the other, creating meeting and at times clashing points.

What is left, besides the joyful metaphor about life, is the viewer’s hunch.

Duration : 10 mins

Performance : Mathilde Gilhet、Olivia Blanch

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