LUCKY TRIMMER-Floating Flowers

Dec 04, 2016


Floating Flowers

Tsai & Chen – one flower, two dancers; two dancers, two flowers; two flowers, one dancer… pretty, quirky, surreal & complicated, this homage to beliefs & traditions I can easily believe will send away bad luck & bring happiness – how could something so delightful, not?


Something more classically balletic is unfolding in half-light in a rear corner. Entitled Floating Flowers, an ankle length tutu is worn and undulating arm movements gradually become more aggressive. She elegantly bows forward and on reassuming a vertical position, now stands more than eight-feet tall! Once we realise that she sits aloft shoulders and that the dancing legs below her skirt are firstly male, and secondly, not her own, much enjoyment follows. Performed in full seriousness, the excessively tall dancing creature stomps around as an Oriental ghost being seemingly buffeted by the wind. Soon, Yi-Ting Tsai and Guang-Xuan Chen become two separate skirted water lanterns, reflecting the Buddhist remembrances of the dead and invitations to happiness.


Event:              Lucky Trimmer Does Wales!

National Dance Company Wales


Seen:               7.30pm, 16th July, 2016

Reviewer:        Helen Joy for 3rd Act Critics

Running:          16th July, 2016




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