State Theater Mainz ‘’THE CELL (WP) by Po-Cheng Tsai

Dec 30, 2020

Po-Cheng Tsai is one of the shooting stars of the Asian dance scene. As a choreographer and dancer, he has won many international choreography competitions in recent years. When he and his own company showed his choreography Floating Flowers in the Großer Haus during the tanzmainz festival in 2019 , the audience was drawn to standing ovations. Quite a few laurels for a 33-year-old.
But the man from Taipei has been choreographing for 17 years and is also an excellent dancer himself. He succeeds in merging contemporary western dance, urban dance techniques and Asian movement traditions into a distinctive and accessible dance language.

In The Cell , Po-Cheng Tsai and the tanzmainz ensemble dedicate himself to the many facets of a single personality. A cell can be a prison, but it can also be the beginning of a great whole. A cell has all potentials, destructive as well as creative. And it can be a small group within an ensemble in conjunction with others ...

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