B.OOM Workshop 2016 靈巧的身體樂器— 葡萄牙Miguel Oliveira

Mar 22, 2017

LOCATION : Tsoying Senior High School 

DATE : 29th October - 5th November 2016 


【B.OOM Workshop 2016 —Portugal Miguel Oliveira 】

In this workshop I will be giving a phrase that includes floor work and body percussion elements. Also there will be floor exercises that will have an application in the phrase and body percussion exercises to develop a sense of rhythm and group awareness.


I will be focusing on the fluidity and connection between the steps, on the changes between different dynamics and finally on been relax, soft and efficient in the movement. 


【B.OOM workshop X 靈活的身體樂器葡萄牙Miguel Oliveira  】



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