2016B.OOM Workshop_Autumn Season

Mar 22, 2017

B.DANCE invites most popular interantioal dancers and choreographers come to Taiwan to teach the master class. The goal of B.OOM Workshop is to help young professional Taiwanese dancers can find the connection internationlly during their school days, and open differnet opportunities in dancing sence. 



Location│ Bei An Junior High School & Tsoying Senior High School
Time│2016-10-29 ~ 2017-11-05
Master│Francesca Foscarini 
Class  │Comtemprary Dance

The training of the body and its resulting feelings will be at the centre of the research: the dialogue between these dimensions, between the inside and the outside, the relationship with the space and with the Other... A dialectic in which everyone will be able to open up to the exploration of new qualities, enriching their movement vocabulary, giving a new identity to their gestures.

Francesca Foscarini Website

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