8F PLATFORM X – A decade of creativity

Dec 03, 2016

F Platform X shines a light on Asia, gathering artists from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai and Hong Kong to fuse together the old with the new. Daniel Yeung turns Hong Kong's lion dance tradition on its head. Two stylistic divergent Korean ensembles reconceive traditional ritual music and dance, adding humour and wit while extending body language. There’s Butoh, dance of darkness that is unique to Japan. And there’s an energetic athletic piece paring up Hong Kong and Japanese dancers, sparking limitless creative possibilities. A new work from Taiwan, inspired by Nordic myth that has received international recognition, receives its Hong Kong premiere. Members of the Hong Kong Dance Company also present new works based on numbers and card games. The best talents of Asia meet local stars in a glittering crossover dance extravaganza!

X stands for the unknown & endless possibilities


【Programme 1】

9-10.12.2016 (Fri – Sat) 7:45pm
10-11.12.2016 (Sat – Sun) 3:00pm

Performance Details 
"REST" Company SIGA (Korea)
Choreographer|Lee Jae-young
Dancers|Lee Jae-young, Shin Jea-ho


A ball restlessly bouncing on the ground. A body imbued with inexhaustible energy. And both yearning for a rest.  


PAMS Choice, Performing Arts Market in Seoul, PAMS (2014)
Best Performer Award, The International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands (2015)


"拉人Dance" Daniel Yeung & Dancers (Hong Kong) 
Choreographer|Daniel Yeung
Co-Choreographers & Dancers|
Mao Wei, Tracy Wong, Hugh Cho, Li Tuokun*, Soames Lee
Costume and Props sponsor for "拉人Dance" photo-shooting|
Kwok's Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team


“拉人”, pronounced as “Li-on”, means pulling people (along).


Here comes the拉人dance! With lion vs dragon vs man, age-old traditions are turned on their heads into high-energy physical theatre. New meanings are assigned to traditional lion dance acrobatic skills, where dance and martial arts revel and collide with the old and new!


*Li Tuokun is currently an Apprentice with Hong Kong Dance Company. (This position is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Artistic Internship Scheme)


"Hugin/Munin" B. DANCE (Taiwan)
Choreographer|Tsai Po-cheng
Dancers|Chang Chien-chih, Chang Sheng-ho


In old Norse mythology there are two ravens sitting on either shoulder of Odin: Hugin and Munin, whose names mean "thought" and "memory" respectively. Flying over Midgard (as their world is called), they serve as Odin's eyes and report back to him what they have seen.


Hugin, Munin, please send our warmest regards to God Odin.


First Prize, Burgos-New York International Choreography Contest (2015) 
First Prize, Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (2015)
Sliver Prize, Jerusalem International Choreography Competition (2015)


"4 Times 13=?" Hong Kong Dance Company
Choreographer|He Yongning
Dancers|He Yongning, Li Xiaomeng, Liu Wai-yee, Zhan Qian


Four dancers personify the four suits in a deck of cards; thirteen ranks chronicle their paths to maturity.
When they meet, will there be a “similar yet discordant” stalemate or “different but concordant” harmonies?





Dance Workshops with Artists
Contemporary lyrical jazz workshop by Tsai Po-cheng (Taiwan)
Dec 6 (Tue) 8:15-9:45pm
7/F, Rehearsal Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
* Suitable for participants with dance experience 




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