Orthrus - revealing the nature of human through mythology

Aug 28, 2018

"Orthrus was a two-headed dog in Greek mythology" said artistic director, Po-Cheng Tsai.

Lately, Tsai has been deeply inspired by western mythology. "Hugun/ Munin", a previous dance piece by Tsai, was adapted from the story of two ravens in Norse mythology.
Another piece, "Niflheim", presented the world of mist in the Norse mythology. As of the latest dance piece, Tsai adapted the story of Orthrus from Greek mythology into his choreography. ​

“Despite the appearance of a monster, Orthrus was loyal to his master and responsible to his job. This made me think about how good and evil coexists in all the things in the world,” as Tsai explains the concept of "Orthrus".

In this dual dance piece, dancers imitate the ferocious appearance of Orthrus, yet each of them has a completely different set of mind. With one shared body, the two separate minds fight and struggle with each other, expressing how every one of us may experience dilemmas in life.

Tsai further added, “How we measure things are good or bad is subjective. With the same matter, some might find it good, some bad, with different perspectives and situations come different results.”


Info for the premier of Orthrus
14 July 2018 pm19:30
Dansekapellet theater, Denmark

Reported by Hsin-Tien Lee from China Times​

Article :http://bit.ly/2obxwG9​


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