2018 B.OOM Workshop Fall Session in Taiwan

Aug 28, 2018

“The ongoing trend of contemporary dance is to extract ones own cultural experience, combine it with other types of dancing thus creating a whole new kind of dance style. The diversity of culture and learning of this phenomenon is exactly the reason why I’m greatly fascinated by it.” - Po-Cheng Tsai, Artistic Creator of B.DANCE

B.DANCE started the B.OOM Workshop in 2016, inviting world famous dancers to Taiwan as instructors of the workshop.

B.OOM Workshop provides participants an international learning experience. Courses will be taught in English, instructors are either well-known dancers or choreographers from around the world.
We aim for not only skill teaching but also experience exchanging with people from different countries who work in the same field.

2018, We are honored to have the best up and coming female dancer of Luxembourg, Jill Crovisier, as the instructor of B.OOM Workshop Fall Session.
In order to provide a new aspect of self training in dancing, the courses are designed to help participants overcome physical difficulties and blindspots with a great amount of actual practices. 
In addition to the training, Jill will also share her experience as an international dancer, thus it would be a great opportunity to understand more about the global dancing industry.


Jill Crovisier
Jill Crovisier’s choreography finds its inspiration within the world from its cultural, social and political aspect. Travelling the world from a young age opened her mind and perception of dance. From Ballet dance to traditional Asian dances as well the urban culture, Jill works today on her own movement language and develops her specific signature. Aiming to obtain and provide an individualistic approach to choreography, the young choreographer uses not only her experience as a professional dancer and dance observer but also her fascination for architecture and nature as well the body it self and his mind. She is dedicated to expand the potency of contemporary dance and sees in it endless research possibilities. Her versatile dance education, her interest into several dance styles and martial arts influence her movement signature. In the past years, Jill developed a personal vision and expanded her interests into dance with video work. For Jill everything is connected, different elements float in and out. Her choreographies are the result of an experience, an experience that she transcribes in time and space by using the body. Jill has a passion for music and sees in it a structure that is connected to her choreography. The editing and research process of music is an essential element in her work as well as the inner groove rhythm of the body. Jill plays with unexpected dynamic changes, different movement qualities and precise structures in space.


Contemporary dance workshop

By Jill Crovisier

“What moves us makes us the mover we are”

Having a deep appreciation and passion for the craft of retransmission Jill offers a dance workshop that allows the dancer to warm up his body, his self-awareness in space, to surpass and express himself. The class is based on improvisation, the use of different dance techniques (contemporary, traditional dances, urban dances, floor work) and structured exercises (Graham based). Working on the JC movement, a personalized choreography signature, the workshop allows the dancer to discover some knowledge of it while keeping the importance of individuality. The dancers will also learn a short phrase of a JC movement repertoire work. 

Time│2018-09-22 ~ 2017-09-23 09:00-13:00 
Location│Bei An Junior High School

Join us now https://www.bdance.co/pages/boom-work-shop

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