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Date: 2021-06-24

Since 2011, Chien-Chih Chang had been trying to summarize the perception and feelings related to western and eastern limb languages from the memories of his body and integrated the strict trainings of Peking Opera techniques from the east into the smooth and highly variable use of bodies in contemporary dance, creating the dance pieces “Between the Two” and “Walkers” in succession in attempt to search for body context. In 2015, Chang joined the B. DANCE team and had been to international choreography competitions, participated in the performances in international art festivals, and worked on cross-country productions since. In these cross-country collaborations, Chang had to deal with psychological quality issues, limited time, different languages, and foreign work cultures. And he was persistent while accumulating more and more energy and developing better adaptability and resilience. These experiences were internalized by Chang and somehow became the inspiration of his creativity. Chang wishes to inject more cultural components into his creative ideas through integrating diversified body elements and manifest these creative ideas.


The title of this piece, “Divergence”, refers to the scene in the eyes of the two dancers and spectators. It also suggests that this piece is the third scene since “Between the Two”. The idea originates from the traditional Peking opera acrobatic fighting scene “At the Crossroad”, with only one table and one chair on the stage, along with two people who don’t speak or sing. It’s like an eastern pantomime, which relies heavily on tacit understanding and well coordination with every move being very precise. As for the creative concept, I want to apply more contemporary ways and remove the drama and the story, leaving only the relationship known to exist but can’t be seen. The direction and core of this creative concept is about imagination and the unknown.

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DURATION : 13 min

PREMIERE : 2020-11-28 Taipei Performing Arts Center, TAIPEI


  • 2021-06-24 ~ 2021-06-24

  • DIVERGENCE Taipei Performing Arts Center, TAIPEI

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