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Aug 26, 2018

Blah Blah Blah 
Questioning the current status with a contemptuous laugh yet perhaps a reasonable doubt under careful examination

It sometimes began with a spontaneous chat or a random conversation, from then the idea of a project grew like a seed in the earth thriving for life and gradually transformed into a structured project. can be explained as the provocation and dissatisfaction of the present status for the young generation, but it could also be a self-reflection and an honest voice. 

Taiwanese choreographer, Tsai Po-Cheng teamed up with Luxembourgish independent artist, Jill Crovisier, in order to present their latest creation of two dance pieces, debuting at the 2018 Kuandu Arts Festival. 
With the simplicity and originality of body language, the creation provides the perspective of culture, society, politics, gender and cultural differences through the eyes of Millennials. 

Regarded as the outcome of the artist’s deep self-examination, using silhouettes and illuminations to create the conflict of glamour and desolation of the modern society. With the unique choreography of the two artists, they question and analyze the current phase of what many of us are in yet also reminding us the pure nature within ourselves. This is the “Blah Blah Blah ” that belongs to our generation. 

Performance time: 

20th October (Saturday) 19:45pm

21st October (Sunday) 14:45pm


Venue: Taipei National University of Arts/  Dance Theatre (1 Hsueh-Yuan Rd., Peitou District, Taipei 11201, Taiwan)

Tickets available :

Tickets available :
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