Before We Say Goodbye

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Date: 2021-10-30

Before We Say Goodbye is B.DANCE’s fourth full-length production, choreographed by Artistic Director Po-Cheng Tsai. It weaves together life stories of the ten dancers with those of several elders in the community, to fabricate a readable canvas, filled with their innermost memories, bringing to light, and to the stage, the dark and bright corners of their souls and minds. The dancers’ emotions are channeled into physical movements, representing the rain and shine of life: the performance becomes a delicate ceremony of commemoration and reminiscence, a celebration of the undying human will against the impermanence of it all, one that stirs the strings of one’s heart until life’s ultimate chapter. 



Program X Johnson Wang


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DURATION : 70 min without intermission

PREMIERE : Oct 30th, 2021 at Metropolitan Theater Taipei, Taiwan

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